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Investigating the Implications of Male Anatomy on Image Formation

Or the Mystery of the Missing Penis

A photographic investigation of how the male anatomy could not produce the image on the Shroud of Turin in the circumstances described in the Bible for the desposition of Jesus's body in the tomb.

There is one embarrassing question which is rarely asked about the image on the shroud of Turin and it is. 'When all the other features of the naked subject's body have printed so clearly why is there no image of the man's penis?'

You can see the subject's beard, his lips, his moustache, his fingers, his knees, his nipples and his toes, but you can't see his penis. Yet there is enough image detail of the subject's thighs to be sure he is naked. Why have his genitals failed to register on the cloth?

This series of experiments, using a naked male model, sets out to answer that question by observation and experimentation.