Mysteries of the Ancient WorldMysteries of the Ancient World

The Mysteries of the Ancient World Explored and Explained

Published in UK by Weidenfield and Nicolson

Editor Judith Flanders

In conjunction with

Douglas Palmer, John E Hoffecher, Aubrey Burl, Steven Snape, Rosalie David, Paul G Bahn, Donald Easton, A P Fitzpatrick, Constance Cortez, Peter Schledermann, Karen Wise, Jennifer Westwood, Robert Jackson, Tristan Hulse, Nickolas Best and Christopher Knight.

Tens of millions of years before man first walked on this planet, the world was inhabited by a range of majestic beings - the dinosaurs. What happened to them? Why did they disappear? Was it natural evolution, or a global cataclysm? The extinction of the dinosaurs is just one of the many puzzles considered in this book.

Throughout the centuries ancient empires rose and fell, new worlds were conquered and lost. Who were these people, and how did their civilizations unfold? Even in this day of advanced technology there are still many questions from the past which we may never be able to answer. In Mysteries of the Ancient World eminent writers put forward their views and findings to help solve some of the greatest enigmas of all time.

The reader travels into the past, re-examining forgotten civilizations to discover lost worlds. In a dramatic re-evaluation of man's history, using the high-tech tools of modern archaeology, geology and astronomy, the mysteries of the ancient world are explored and explained.

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