Uriel's Machine Uriel's Machine

The Ancient Origins of Science

Published in UK by Century and in paperback by Arrow

Science began in Western Europe over 5000 years ago!

Uriel's Machine reveals that important megalithic sites of the British Isles, nearly 1000 years older than the Great Pyramid in Egypt, were painstakingly engineered to measure the long term movements of the planet Venus and provide the people who built them with a timekeeping system accurate to a few seconds over a forty year period.

Uriel's Machine shows how this prehistoric unit of measurement, accurate to a fraction of a millimetre, is derived from observational astronomy and explains how it can be duplicated by anybody who wishes to repeat their experiments.

"A plausible explanation of how prehistoric societies could have developed astronomical observatories such as Stonehenge for practical reasons." ~ Sunday Times

"Using hard science... Knight and Lomas put forward findings here that will change the way we view man's distant past - and may help us better understand our future." ~ Bolton Evening News

"The book is superb... the insights that it opens in a series of varied fields, tying them in logically to each other, is very lucid." ~ Howie Firth, Director of the Orkney Science Festival

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