Order a signed new copy of The Invisible College

Making use of the Amazon.co.uk Marketplace technology whereby anybody can sell books via Amazon.co.uk's website at www.amazon.co.uk, the Webmaster has asked Robert for five signed paperback editions of his latest book, The Invisible College, to sell to fans who, perhaps, may not be able to attend his bookshop talks, or indeed to anybody who wishes to own a signed copy of Robert's latest book!

Through the Amazon.co.uk website, you can order a brand new, signed paperback edition of The Invisible College at the normal list price, from Robertlomas.com, and we, not Amazon, will despatch it to you as soon as Amazon have notified us of your transaction. Robert has only signed the book, just as he signs copies for stock purposes at high-street bookshop signing sessions. Just follow the detailed instructions below.

How to purchase one of the signed copies:

  1. Click here to go to the page at Amazon.co.uk where the paperback edition of The Invisible College is for sale by Amazon.

  2. On the right hand side of the page look for the blue-bordered box entitled More Buying Choices and which suggests other copies of the same book that are for sale by Amazon's users. The box looks like the image below.
    The blue box on the right of the Invisible College page at Amazon.co.uk

    In the box on the right, check to see if it says whether any collectable copies of The Invisible College are for sale. If there are not, and if it does not say that there are any collectable copies available, then unfortunately they have all sold.

    Otherwise, if the text in the box says that there are some collectable copies available, click the link to follow through to the next page. For example, the link to click in the above example, would be 5 collectable.

  3. Because there are some collectable copies available, the copies available for puchase should now be listed on the page you have just clicked to go to, and the listing for each copy available for purchase looks like the following:

    Example listing of a signed copy of The Invisible College for sale at Amazon

    Look for the seller robertlomas_com - the Amazon account we hold for www.robertlomas.com - and read the comment for the copy available for purchase. The comment contains a reference to www.robertlomas.com. A copy of one of the available signed editions of The Invisible College will be listed as above. If the seller is not robertlomas_com, and it does not look like the above, then it is not us and has nothing to do with Robertlomas.com. There may, of course, be other people selling Robert's books - these instructions guide you to the official Robertlomas.com sale of the book.

  4. If you wish to purchase one of the available signed copies of The Invisible College, you can now click on the Click this button on the Amazon website button to begin the transaction of purchasing1 the copy of The Invisible College from Robertlomas.com, through the secure online Amazon Payments system at Amazon. In order to purchase the book, you must have an account at www.amazon.co.uk - if you have not, you can create one as part of the transaction process.

    All payment is handled by Amazon.co.uk using this secure Amazon Payments system, therefore an account, holding your bank account details, is required so that Amazon.co.uk can transfer your payment from your account to ours. Unfortunately, because of the way Amazon Payments does this, Amazon cannot work with any other method of payment.

  5. When you have gone through the transaction process, you will receive a confirmation email from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon will forward your details to us so that we at Robertlomas.com can dispatch the copy of The Invisible College to you - Amazon.co.uk is not selling you the book, but is transfering your payment to us by using their secure Amazon Payments system.

  6. We, at Robertlomas.com, will then prepare to dispatch your copy of The Invisible College to you within two business days. If there are any problems, you can be assured that we will notify you of them.

1Although the transaction to purchase the signed copies takes place at Amazon.co.uk, delivery can be made to any part of the world - not just the United Kingdom. Postage and packaging charges are added on to the final total - the charge for postage and packaging varies in amount depending on where the book has to be delivered around the world. For example, the lowest charge will therefore be for deliveries in the UK.