Robert has been interested in the history and origins of Freemasonry for many years. He lectures regularly on the subject to both Masonic meetings and to the general public. He has written many articles and co-authored a number of books on the subject.

In August 2000 the 5th International Conference of Great Priories was held in Stirling. It was hosted by the Great Priory of Scotland. The Most Eminent and Reverend Grand Master, Roy Scott asked Robert, who belongs to the Preceptory and Priory of St George Aboyne No 1, if he would take part in a public lecture and general forum to promote a more general understanding of the Order.

The lecture was held in the Albert Halls, Stirling on Friday 25 August 2000 in the morning.

There were three speakers.

The session was opened and chaired by Bro. the Rev. Cannon Joseph Morrow who introduced each speaker, allowed questions after each talk and then chaired a general question and answer session where the audience (consisting of the delegates to the International Conference and members of the public) put questions to the panel of speakers on any topics relating to Freemasonry.

In the afternoon, after these public lectures, a Meeting of the Great Priory of Scotland was held which was attended by

After the meeting the Ceremony of Beating the Retreat was held on the forecourt of Stirling Castle, followed by a Banquet, held in the Great Banqueting Hall of James IV.

The lecture Robert gave is listed on the index of this page, if you wish to see it for yourself.