The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century

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The Man who Invented the Twentieth Century

Nikola Tesla

Born in Smiljan

School in Carlstadt Real Gymnasium

To Budapest

To Paris to Play Billiards

To Stuttgart

Cheated of $25,000 so off to America

Solves Edison’s Generator Problems

Joins a Company Making Arc Lights

Digs Ditches for a Year

Westinghouse Lights the World Fair at Chicago in 1893

The Fame of the Tesla Three Phase System is Secure

Tesla Wins Battle of the Currents with Edison

And Entertains New York Society with Electrical Conjuring Tricks

Is Cheated of Royalties by Westinghouse

Tesla Enjoys his Fame and Experimenting in New York

Develops Modern Radio and Guided Torpedoes

Sets up in Colorado

Succeeds Brilliantly

Runs out of Money Again

Together they Start to Build Wardencliffe World System

Tesla resorts to Writing ‘Lurid’ Predictions for the Newspapers

Despite Occasional Publicity from the Popular Press

Telsa Struggles for the Rest of his Life

But just Before he Dies

For the Full Story

Lecture to South Western Branch of Insititute of Physics

On the evening of Thursday 4th April 2001 Robert was invited to visit a meeting of the South Western Branch of the Institute of Physics to deliver a lecture on the life of Nikola Tesla.

The Powerpoint slides Robert used for the presentation, at Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education, are reproduced here.


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