How I see The Hiram Key

Masonic truths are traditionally illuminated by symbols, so I have drawn a symbol of the Hiram Key which represents my truth and feelings about Masonry. The symbol is threefold, and I will describe it from my scientistís viewpoint, although you may choose to interpret it differently.

 How I see the symbol of the Hiram Key.

The head of the key, the part I hold to turn it, is made up of the mystic sign. The square represents the independence of the brainís autonomous systems of arousal and quiescence. The compass symbolises a tool to measure, control and understand their responses. Together the square and compasses combine to form the lozenge-shaped handle for the key. It is linked by a square-section shaft to the symbol of the centre, the shape which engages with and unlocks the Glory there. It is a circle bounded by two pillars and represents the balance between light and darkness, good and bad, arousal and quiescence, the centre and the periphery. At the middle of the circle is the point from which you can no longer err.

When I showed a rough sketch of this symbol to my daughter, who is a jewellery designer, she said. 'That will make a great tie-pin.' and before I knew it she had made me a silver one, She choose to create it from silver so that it stands out well against a black tie, a symbol of light against the surrounding darkness. Since then I have enjoyed wearing to Masonic meetings..

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