Canada DVD

Tracing Boards and 400 Years of Masonic Symbolism

A Live Video Conferance for the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan

On Wednesday, June 13, 2007, Masons from all over Saskatchewan, Canada witnessed a live web conference with Robert on "The Evolution of Masonic Meaning". This included a comprehensive explanation of ancient to modern Tracing Boards including The Kirkwall Scroll and Wilmshursts Tracing Board of the Centre. Afterwards, he answered questions from the audience from his home in Northern England. They saw him as he saw them. Now, for the first time, his presentation as well as the Question and Answer session have been reassembled here. Robert also acted as the guest speaker for a banquet on Friday, June 15th toasting Sir Robert Moray, Freemason and founder of the Royal Society and that presentation is also included on this very special DVD.

Proceeds from this sale will be used to support charities such as Masonic Youth in Saskatchewan as well as the Royal National Lifeboat Institute in the UK.

As a result of this special event, Robert has been in demand to host live Masonic webcasts all over the world!

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